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Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH): BACH, the first ever electronic clearing house of Bangladesh, has two components - the Automated Cheque Processing System (ACPS) and the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Both the systems operate in batch processing mode- transactions received from the banks during the day are processed at a pre-fixed time and settled through a single multilateral netting figure on each individual bank's respective books maintained with the Bangladesh Bank. A state-of-the-art Data Center (DC) and a Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) have been established comprising of most modern software and hardware for dealing with the operations of BACH. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been created between the participating commercial banks and Data Center (DC) & Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) for communicating necessary information related to BACH. Digital Certificate has been formulated for the first time in Bangladesh for secured data communication.

Statistics of Transaction Processed During to
Month Name Total Item Processed Total Amount Avg. Item Processed per day Avg. Transaction Size
1May, 202225,859,664596,753,756,9361,231,41323,077
2Jun, 202238,462,321647,103,580,6871,602,59716,824