Bangladesh Bank

Export earnings in 2019-2020 stood at Tk. 223548.4 crore as against Tk.246308.3 crore in the preceding year. The main items of cash exports during the year under review were Readymade Garments (Tk. 190874.7 crore), Jute and Jute Manufactures (Tk. 7186.1 crore), Leather and Leather Manufactures (Tk. 4398.1 crore), Fish, Shrimps and Prawns (Tk. 3442.8 crore), Home Textile (Tk. 3097.8 crore), Vegetable Products (Tk. 1381.4 crore), Pharmaceutical Products (Tk. 879.6 crore), Plastic and Plastic Products (Tk. 537.8 crore), Bicycle (Tk. 450.9 crore), Terry Towel (Tk. 128.4 crore), Handicrafts (Tk. 140.1 crore) and Petroleum and Petroleum Products (Tk.9.1 crore). The major partner countries were the U.S.A (Tk. 33766.8 crore), Germany (Tk. 33003.4 crore), the U.K (Tk. 22800.0 crore), Spain (Tk. 16316.6 crore), France (Tk. 13186.3 crore), Italy (Tk. 10219.1 crore), Poland (Tk. 8707.2 crore), India (Tk. 7338.7 crore), Netherlands (Tk. 7055.7 crore), Canada (Tk. 6539.6 crore) and Japan (Tk. 6403.4 crore).

Commodity- wise Export Receipts (Excluding EPZ) During the year 2019-2020 the earnings through traditional items i.e. Jute Manufactures (Tk. 6146.1 crore), Raw Jute (Tk. 1040 crore) and Tea-all sorts (Tk. 20.9 crore) and through non-traditional items (Tk. 216341.4 crore). Among the non-traditional items, Readymade Garments have emerged individually as the most important sector. Readymade Garments accounted for Tk. 190874.7 crore (84.5 %) in 2019-2020 as compared to Tk. 212355.7 crore (86.2 %) in 2018-2019. Commodity classification of export earnings for the current year revealed increases over the previous year under : Jute and Jute Manufactures (Tk. 753.2 crore), Vegetable Products (Tk. 405.0 crore), Pharmaceutical Products (33.1 crore), Bicycle (Tk. 14.9 crore) and Fertilizer (Tk. 4.6 crore) and on the other hand export earnings through Readymade Garments including hosiery (Tk. 21481.0 crore), Leather and Leather Manufactures (Tk. 739.0 crore), Home Textile (Tk. 299.8 crore), Petroleum and Petroleum Products (Tk. 179.3 crore), Plastic and Plastic Products (Tk. 167.2 crore), Fish, Shrimps and Prawns (Tk. 113.5 crore) , Terry Towel (Tk. 75.0 crore) and Handicrafts (Tk. 12.5 crore) are decreased. Table - 2(A)[Taka in crore] & 2(B)[In million US$] below shows the comparative position of export receipts from major commodities during the last three years.

(Taka in Crore)
Major Commodity2019-20202018-20192017-2018Changes


Amount% of AAmount% of AAmount% of A
Readymade Garments190874.785.4212355.786.2185411.884.4-21481.05462.9
a) Knitwear107433.148.1119039.548.3105713.948.1-11606.41719.2
b) Woven Garments83441.637.393316.237.979697.936.3-9874.63743.7
Jute & Jute Manufactures7186.13.26432.92.67436.63.4753.2-250.5
a) Raw Jute1040.00.5964.20.41160.10.575.8-120.1
b) Jute Manufactures6146.12.75468.72.26276.52.9677.4-130.4
Fish, Shrimps and Prawns3442.81.53556.31.44087.71.9-113.5-644.9
a) Fish762.90.3632.00.3561.00.3130.9201.9
b) Shrimps and Prawns2679.91.22924.31.23526.71.6-244.4-846.8
Leather & Leather Manufactures Manufactures4398.12.05137.12.15805.82.6-739.0-1407.7
a) Leather787.20.41191.80.51281.60.6-404.6-494.4
b) Leather Manufactures3610.91.63945.31.64524.22.1-334.4-913.3
Home Textile3097.81.43397.61.43827.01.7-299.8-729.2
Vegetable Products1381.40.6976.40.4872.70.4405.0508.7
(Of which Tea)20.921.321.6-0.4-0.7
Plastic & Plastic Products879.60.4846.50.3988.40.433.1-108.8
Petroleum & Petroleum Products537.80.2705.00.3607.00.3-167.2-69.2
Terry Towel450.90.2436.00.2358.00.214.992.9
Pharmacetical Products9.1188.40.180.2-179.3-71.1
A. Sub-total223548.4100.0246308.3100.0219652.2100.0-22759.93896.2
B. Exports of EPZ41905.150675.647527.6-8770.5-5622.5
Grand Total:(A+B)265453.5296983.9267179.8-31530.4-1726.3

Table-II(B): Export Receipts of Bangladesh by Major Commodity (Excluding EPZ)
(In million US$)
Major Commodity2019-20202018-20192017-2018Changes


Amount% of AAmount% of AAmount% of A
Readymade Garments22518.085.425270.086.222578.084.4-2752-60
a) Knitwear12675.048.114166.048.312878.048.1-1491-203
b) Woven Garments9843.037.311104.037.99700.036.3-1261143
Jute & Jute Manufactures848.03.2766.02.6906.03.482-58
a) Raw Jute123.00.5115.00.4141.00.58-18
b) Jute Manufactures725.02.7651.02.2765.02.974-40
Fish, Shrimps and Prawns406.01.5423.01.4499.01.9-17-93
a) Fish90.00.375.00.368.00.31522
b) Shrimps and Prawns316.01.2348.01.2431.01.6-32-115
Leather & Leather Manufactures Manufactures519.02.0612.02.1709.02.7-93-190
a) Leather93.00.4142.00.5156.00.6-49-63
b) Leather Manufactures426.01.6470.01.6553.02.1-44-127
Home Textile366.01.4404.01.4467.01.7-38-101
Vegetable Products163.00.6116.00.4106.00.44757
(Of which Tea)
Plastic & Plastic Products104.00.4101.00.3121.00.53-17
Petroleum & Petroleum Products63.
Terry Towel53.
Pharmacetical Products1.
A. Sub-total26372.0100.029311.0100.026752.0100.0-2939-380
B. Exports of EPZ4944.06030.05785.0-1086-841
Grand Total:(A+B)31316.035341.032537.0-4025-1221