eNews Clipping

eNews Clipping service is one of the highly appreciated Intranet-based services of Bangladesh Bank Library (BBL). Library professionals clip and upload daily news mainly from national and sometimes international papers covering banking, financial markets, budgets, monetary policy, national and international economies, capital market, agriculture as well as various developmental and contemporary issues. The purpose of this service is to let employee of Bangladesh Bank access the news sitting at their desks from a single module of organization's Intranet Portal.

Book Review Program

'Book Review Program' organized by the library has added a new dimension to its services for the officials and employees of Bangladesh Bank. The library has created the opportunity to culture a particular book among the reader-folk through this program. On the one hand, this initiative has made reviewer (who is supposed to review the whole book orally and with presentation to the audience) of the book interested in reading the resources; on the other hand, reader community (in this case, the audience) is being able to understand the messages of that particular book without even reading it.

Training Resources

Training Resources is organization’s Intranet based platform where softcopy of training resources/ course synopsis of different training programs, workshops, seminars participated by its employees in home and abroad are uploaded. Any interested employees of Bangladesh Bank who did not get the opportunity to participate in those programs can download their required synopsis from here.

Library Orientation Program

With a view to introduce library’s available and emerging services and facilities, Bangladesh Bank Library (BBL) organizes orientation programs for various groups of people. The main motive of such program is to provide them with guidance on how to avail provided facilities more efficiently, how to be familiar with services promptly, how to access required documents rapidly. In general, orientation program is arranged for 3 types of group.

Newly Recruited Officials

Newly recruited officials (Officers and Assistant Directors) are invited to participate in this program.


Students doing internship in Bangladesh Bank coming from different public/ private universities of Bangladesh are invited to this program on regular basis in every three months.

Special Orientation

Sometimes, a number of people from other organizations visit BBL with the approval of higher authority. They are also provided with clear perception about overall library and its services.

Book Donation Program

Through the annual 'Book Donation Program', Bangladesh Bank Library distributes books and magazines free of cost among the officials and employees of the bank.

Displaying Economic Indicators of Bangladesh

The macroeconomic scenario including major economic indicator such as exchange rate of Taka, foreign exchange reserve, wage-earner’s remittance inflow, inflation, interest rate, money supply, national income aggregates etc. of the country is being displayed through different signages and information display monitors of library.

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