There are 7 kiosks in Bangladesh Bank Library, of which 2 are used for eLibrary and eNews Clipping Searching, 1 for Scholarship and Training Information Searching, 1 for Bangladesh Bank's General Information, 1 for IR Resources Searching and 2 for viewing Virtual Currency Museum Information.

RFID Self-Check Kiosk (SCK)

There are 2 RFID Self-Check Kiosks (SCKs) for issuing library resources by users themselves.

Photo Gallery

The gallery displays different important photos covering Governors, Deputy Governors with small biography, murals, sculptures, branch offices, recent activities, awardees of Bangladesh Bank by different signages.

Cyber Facilities

Under the AVLC Section, employees, retired employees, students, walk-in-researchers and others are provided with Internet Access facilities.

Discussion Room

To help improve skills and knowledge, BBL is facilitating its user-community with well furnished room for group discussion that can accommodate almost 14-16 people.

Projection Room

In the projection room of BBL, 30 people can enjoy movies and video documentaries in a sound proof environment. Moreover, they can share their views as well as arrange seminar and workshop through power-point presentation.

Study Carrel

Bangladesh Bank Library provides study carrel facility for the researchers to get a quiet and tranquil environment to indulge in their studies.

Reading Area

There are arrangements in the library for general reader to facilitate their study and/ or recreational needs.

Pigeon Hole

There are arrangements in the library for users to keep their personal belongings in the pigeon hole before entering the library.

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