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PP 1401 Lending Rates Behavior in Bangladesh: Some Facts and Determinants   detail..   [download] (1453 KB)
PP 1204 Estimating growth-inflation tradeoff threshold in Bangladesh   detail..   [download] (281 KB)
PP July 2012 Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh:An Overview of Market Development   detail..   [download] (366 KB)
PP 0905 Financing Long Term Investments in Bangladesh:Capital Market Development Issues   detail..   [download] (142 KB)
PP 0904 Employment Promoting Growth in Bangladesh: Monetary and Financial Sector Issues   detail..   [download] (250 KB)
PP 0903 Navigating the Global Financial Storm: Challenges for Bangladesh   detail..   [download] (257 KB)
PP 0902 Monetary Policy Stance and Recent Movements in Monetary Aggregates: Policy Implications   detail..   [download] (134 KB)
PP 0901 Trend and Characteristics of Recent Inflation in Bangladesh   detail..   [download] (180 KB)
PP 0807 Recent Employment Situation and Labor Market Developments in Bangladesh   detail..   [download] (198 KB)
PP 0806 A Note on the Contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises to GDP in Bangladesh   detail..   [download] (311 KB)
PP 0805 Rationalizing Food Demand and Supply Estimates: An Exploratory Note   detail..   [download] (229 KB)
PP 0804 Rationalizing Interest Rate Spread in the Banking Sector: Some Policy Suggestions   detail..   [download] (171 KB)
PP 0803 Should Bangladesh Monitor Core Inflation for Conducting Monetary Policy?   detail..   [download] (211 KB)
PP 0802 Inflation in Bangladesh: Does the Changing Consumption Pattern Affect Its Measurement?   detail..   [download] (202 KB)
PP 0801 Inflation and the Poor in Bangladesh   detail..   [download] (161 KB)

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