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05. Steps to be taken by the Bank/FI :

1. Bank/FI will appraise the project and if it seems acceptable to Bank/FI, they will send the project appraisal with their recommendations including relevant papers to Bangladesh Bank EEF Unit. In appraising the project profile Bnank/FI. will constitute a minimum three member Project Appraisal Committee and will send the project appraisal report to EEF Unit with specific recommendations of the members of the committee as to whether the project is eligible to get EEF assistance or not. The project appraisal report should also be signed by all the members of the committee.
2. Bank/FI will preserve the issued share certificates received form the company on behalf of Bangladesh Bank.
3. The Bank/FI shall nominate its representative, on behalf of the Bangladesh Bank (EEF Unit) on the company's Board of directors to attend the meetings as well as in the meetings of the company's shareholders.
4. The Bank/FI will monitor the business of the company regularly and send quarterly report to EEF.

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