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04. What to be done by the entrepreneurs:

1. Apply for EEF through submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) form to the EEF Unit of Bangladesh Bank
2. Short listed companies will prepare Project Proposal and will appraise that Project Proposal by a Bank/FI. Then appraising Bank/FI will forward that Project Appraisal Report to Bangladesh Bank EEF Unit for immediate next action .
3. Execute Investment Agreement with the Bank/FI after approval of the project.
4. Entrepreneurs will have to amend Memorandum & Articles of Association as per requirement of the conditions of Bangladesh Bank.
5. Issue share in favor of GOB, EEF Unit Bangladesh Bank before fund is disbursed.
6. Buy-back the issued shares within eight years :
i) at the face value within three years starting form the date of 1st disbursement.
ii) for the remaining five years at the break up value or at the face value whichever is higher.

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