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I am pleased to know that Microcredit Regulatory Authority, the newly created regulatory body, is going to publish a consolidated report that provides information of microfinance sector of Bangladesh. I believe that this publication will be useful for policy makers and other stakeholders.

I thank the Authority for their effort in publishing this report. I would also like to thank Institution of Microfinance (InM) for extending their cooperation in this regard. I believe that all concerned agencies and institutions will welcome this effort of the Authority and extend cooperation for sustainable development of the microfinance sector in Bangladesh. I hope that in future the Authority will be able to publish more analytical reports containing valuable inputs for the policy makers and others.

Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed
Microcredit Regulatory Authority
Bangladesh Bank

The government of Bangladesh has established Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) under "Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act, 2006" in August 2007. According to the provision of the law no Microfinance Institution (MFIs) is allowed to operate microfinance activity in the country without having license from the Authority. The MFIs who were active before the enactment of the law were given six months time (February 2007) to apply for license, accordingly near about four thousand institutions applied to the Authority. The Authority is currently providing license to the previously active MFIs. At the first stage near about 700 applications are being processed for license, and the rest were given time till June 2009 to attain a certain level of operations (either 1000 borrowers or Tk. 40 lacs outstanding loan).

This publication is based on the information provided with the application form by the MFIs, especially the institutions whose application forms were under process at the first stage. However, a list of all MFIs applied for license has been provided here. It is expected that the information of these institutions will cover almost whole of the market. Information were verified and checked, however there could be some errors. Institute of Microfinance (InM) extended their cooperation in this regard; they helped in checking data and analyzing them.

All information supplied with the application forms were not considered in this publication, only some important data like credit disbursement, savings, area of operations etc. have been included in this publication. Some important information like service charge, overdue loan etc. were not provided here after considering data authenticity, but they will be considered in future publication. It is expected that future publications will be richer than this one both in terms of coverage and analysis.

We regret that this report has taken a long time to publish because of some unavoidable constraints of the Authority; however this publication has significance because of its continuity with the preceding reports published by the previous Microfinance Research and Reference Unit (MRRU). We hope that the next report will come out timely. I sincerely thank the officials of MRA for their effort to bring out this publication.

Khandakar Mazharul Haque
Executive Vice Chairman
Microcredit Regulatory Authority


Published by Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA)
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New Address of MRA from May, 2008
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Opposite East Gate of Baitul Mukarram Mosque
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Published on March 2008
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