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SME Activities Published in Newspaper (08.02.2014) (06.02.2014)
Kalerkantho (05.02.2014)
The Fenancial Express, Manob Jamin, Banikbarta (23-7-2013)
The Fenancial Express, Manob Jamin, Bangladesh Today (15-7-2013)
The Independent, The Fenancial Express (18-6-2013)
Daily Samokal (17-06-2013)
The Fenancial Express, Daily Samokal , The Daily Ittefaq, Daily Manab Zamin (16-06-2013)
NewAge, Vorer Kagoj, Daily Samokal (28-05-2013)
Daily Manab Kantha, Daily Samokal(26-05-2013)
Daily Vorer Kagoj (25-05-2013)
Workshop on SME (13-05-2013)
Ittefaq, Sangbad, Arthosuchok, Manab Kantho, Dhaka, Amar desh, Banikbarta, Financial Express (12-05-2013)
Manob Kantha (08-05-2013)
Financial Express (07-05-2013)
Swadesh Barta (06-05-2013)
Bonik Barta (06-05-2013)
Bonik Barta (05-05-2013)
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News clippings of February 2013