Bangladesh Bank
Liabilities Taka Assets Taka
Capital Paid Up30,000,000 Notes10,062,000
Reserve Fund4,250,500,000 Taka Coin-
Rural Credit Fund7,100,000,000 Subsidiary Coin-
Industrial Credit Fund1,887,852,000 Bills Purchased & Discounted
Export Credit Fund1,300,000,000 (a) Internal -
Agricultural Credit Stabilisation Fund7,100,000,000 (b) External-
Deposits:- (c) Govt. Try. Bills--
(a) Government71,355,938,000 Balances held outside Bangladesh **811,627,121,000
(b) Banks897,904,493,000 Special Drawing Rights held with the IMF124,278,594,000
(c) Others97,277,073,000  Loans and Advances to Government-
 1,066,537,504,000 Government's Debtor Balances-
Allocation of Special Drawing Rights185,770,866,000 Other Loans and Advances61,767,208,000
Bills Payable57,984,000 Investments962,034,076,000
Other Liabilities1,158,171,931,000 Other Assets472,489,576,000
TOTAL LIABILITIES 2,432,206,637,000 TOTAL ASSETS2,432,206,637,000

Includes Cash & Short Term Securities

Liabilities Taka Assets Taka
Notes held in the Banking Department10,062,000A. Gold Coin and Bullion11,322,976,000
Notes in Circulation*2,319,128,082,000Silver Bullion344,512,000
Special drawing rights held with the International Monetary Fund -
Approved Foreign Exchange2,252,000,000,000
Total Notes Issued2,319,138,144,0002,263,667,488,000
B. Taka Coin4,471,245,000
Government of Bangladesh Securities**21,119,973,000
Internal Bills of Exchange & other Commercial Papers29,879,438,000
TOTAL LIABILITIES2,319,138,144,000TOTAL ASSETS2,319,138,144,000

The Statement with regard to 'Notes in circulation' is made without prejudice to the claims of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh / Bangladesh Bank for obtaining value from the Government of Pakistan/State Bank of Pakistan in respect of Pakistani Currency Notes demonetized and withdrawn from circulation

Includes Special Ad-hoc Treasury bills Issued for providing assets against Issue of Bangladeshi Notes in replacement of Pakistani Notes.